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The story of the founding of Drilling Service mirrors our history since then: It’s first and foremost about people, and then next about finding the very best way to do the work and build relationships.


Over six decades, Drilling Service’s level of sophistication & scope of services have grown in parallel to the requirements of our customers. We are constantly exploring new equipment & technologies, but our focus is never on technology for the sake of itself. Our goal is to provide the underground construction and earth retention services that will safely and cost-effectively address your project’s needs.


Our number one focus is assuring that everyone on the team — customers, employees, fellow contractors — returns safely to the dinner table at the end of the workday. For that reason we invest significantly in safety training and are uncompromising in our demand for safe worksites. The safety link at the top of this page will allow you to download key portions of our company safety manual

60th Anniversary Video

This video was unveiled at our 60th anniversary celebration on May 2, 2015. It captures the relational spirit that is at the heart of our success. Click here to check out our video.