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Well Point

Well points are small-diameter tubes with a well screen near the bottom. They are typically used in shallow aquifers. Water is drawn by vacuum generated by a dewatering pump.
In a typical installation a number of well points are placed along a trench or around an excavation site. They connect to a common header for discharge away from your site.


If the soils on your site have low permeability, such as silt, and/or you are digging a deep excavation in stratified soils, eductors may be the solution.
A series of eductor wells are installed and connected to two parallel headers. One header is a high -pressure supply line and the other header is low
pressure return line. When properly installed, eductors are able to apply a vacuum to the formation thus removing the water.

Deep Wells

If there’s a large, contiguous body of water extending far beneath your planned excavation, deep wells can be a solution. Deep well systems consist of one or more wells with a pump at the bottom each well.
They are attached to headers to move the water away from your site to a suitable discharge area. You can then dig your excavation without worrying about high water.