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When you walk into the headquarters of Drilling Service Company or talk to employees in the field, you immediately sense warmth, humor, and sincere helpfulness.

While the company’s management and employees are relentless in their passion for their work, they also place extraordinary value on relationships. Good people become part of the clan, and those connections endure over decades.

When Clifford and Marshall began Drilling Service 60 years ago, they practiced the Golden Rule believing that if you treat people right, good things will follow. That philosophy is at the heart of the Drilling Service culture. About 10 years ago the three brothers who lead the company now, Mark, Bruce and Jeffrey, registered the phrase, Down to Earth in conjunction with their logo. The phrase stands for those simple values of fairness, integrity, and valuing relationships above all else.

At around that same time the three Murphys committed to writing seven pledges, summarizing the values of the Drilling Service family. They call the pledges Murphys Laws. Over our 60-year history, customer relationships have always been at the center of our approach to business. As we’ve examined what makes our best relationships work, we’ve codified that approach in three documents: “Murphy’s Laws,” “Down to Earth,” and our Mission Statement.

Murphys’ Laws

The Murphy Drilling Service family came up with seven pledges that summarize their values.

Law One:

Put the safety of everyone on the jobsite first.

Law Two:

Plan for success before we ever set foot on the job.

Law Three:

Bring the right equipment, crew and attitude.

Law Four:

Train and equip ourselves for the unexpected.

Law Five:

Estimate every job realistically, so there are no surprises later.

Law Six:

Communicate and collaborate to ensure smooth operation.

Law Seven:

Remember that we?re the first contractor on the job.

How we perform sets the tone for the entire project.


Down to Earth

We believe so strongly in our relationship-focused approach to providing underground solutions that we’ve legally registered our phrase for it: Down to Earth.

We’ve learned in over six decades that it’s what’s beneath the surface that counts, both in projects and in people. We have the best underground construction equipment and technology. More importantly, we have people with the personal values and experience to deliver on the Drilling Service Co. promise of Down to Earth service.


Our Mission

We, the owners and employees of Drilling Service Co., have built our business by delivering intelligent, efficient, effective underground solutions in a manner that honors our relationships with our customers.

• We promise that the safety of everyone on the jobsite will always come first.

• We promise to plan for success and to come to the job prepared with the best equipment, latest technology, and most talented people our industry has to offer.

• We promise to honestly state what we are going to do, and then do it.

• As the first contractor on the job, we know that the success of each project and our future relationship with every customer depends on our delivering on these promises.