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At Drilling Service Co., we are committed to sustainability in its business practices.

Drilling Service Co. never set out to be green in the way we do business. But, like a lot of the other business practices that we follow which are based on the examples of our founders, we’ve found that doing the right thing pays off.

Our team recently made this assessment of some of our sustainable practices:

We recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum in our office and warehouse.

We recycle all steel, stainless steel, copper & brass cutoffs & scrap from our repair, maintenance, and manufacturing activities.

We burn our used motor oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic oil in two Clean Burn furnaces for our shop and warehouses.

We installed solar panels on the roof or our building saving fossil fuels and money.

We retrofitted the lighting in our entire facility to the most efficient lighting possible. Much of this is LED lighting and includes our outdoor lighting.

We properly dispose of used fluorescent bulbs.

We properly dispose of used car, truck & equipment batteries.

We properly dispose of used computers and monitors.

We repurpose and recycle many of the excess materials created during the earth retention system construction process.